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THE NAME Coquillete is Elise's nickname when she was a child. A word that suggests sparkle, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, curiosity, but which also brings to mind a well-known type of pasta (typical Italian product). Paris: the city where Elise and Rosa were known and where their creative association originated.

THE CONCEPT AND PHILOSOPHY - Courage Paris is based on a vision of distinction and exclusivity. The brand is the example of a brilliant blend between French elegance and the Italian "knowing". A concept of high perfumery cultivated with talent. His rare scents illustrate an identity rooted in the values of excellence and craftsmanship. With an independent approach, Coquillette Paris smells for men and women of character who despise conformism, and who, instead, seek something different that will blend with their individuality. Elise and Rosa passionately work on the various olfactory combinations, which are the results of a constant and intense research, in which they are only the best ingredients, which are chosen with great care to ensure high quality perfumes. The fragrances are crafted in Italy.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items