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Created with the non-ultra-high quality ingredients of true artisans in the world of high perfumery, the CARNER BARCELONA collection delivers unique fragrances for those who want to stand out and indulge themselves in the luxury of being unique.

"It's not just about creating fragrances,

It is mainly to evoke hidden memories,

Share experiences and transmit emotions "

(Sara Carner, Founder)

A true passion for high perfume, constant pursuit of authenticity and quality, and a tireless creative drive combining fragrances and experiences, pushed Sara Carner to follow his instinct and to embark on his personal project, CARNER BARCELONA. Working alongside the most well-known Nasi, Sara has given birth to her aromatic fantasies, creating delicate blends of precious ingredients, also releasing a part of herself, her experiences, her thoughts and dreams, drop by drop, giving rise to a Reality that would have been unlikely at one time. Coming from a long line of Spanish specialists in leather working, Sara CARNER has infused CARNER BARCELONA with the Spanish craftsmanship culture through collaboration with the best designers and suppliers of the site in creating the brand and its perfumes.


Extraordinary distillates enclosed in sober and minimalist, white and black lines, faithful to the avant-garde and cosmopolitan image of Barcelona. A perfect blend of ancient and modern; The logo with the silver coat embroidered the ancient iron gates of Barcelona, ​​winking in the past ... The woody accord, one of the most sensual and intriguing notes, which is common denominator to each of these creations, is represented in a way Visible from the solid wood bottle cap, made of timber from forests managed according to European principles of sustainability.

His meeting with Daniela Andrier, Christophe Raynaud and Sonia Constant sealed the creation of her perfumes, respectively TARDES, D600, CUIRS and RIMA XI, which was among the top 5 of the Fifi Awards in New York 2013. And the latest novel, Palo Holy, combining the warmth of the caramel with the sweetness of the tonka bean, for a mystical fragrance that enlivens the spirit.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items