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__________________UNUM is about Spirit.

Not only about spirituality.

Born from the awareness that the Spirit goes beyond all boundaries,

embracing the pulsing lifeblood of every population,

built on their traditions but without being sterile;


UNUM, as an olfactory tailored company,

opened to any artistic contamination - wants to talk about that part

that is inside each one of us, celebrating what cannot be touched by our hands.


UNUM speaks of truth and withits olfactory souls feeds our submerged desires,

taking the essenceand then donate it to the world without any contradiction,

moving the heart and collecting sighs everywhere,

making UNUM, that means “one thing”, free and infinite.


UNUM as Spirit without religion,

but as a reason for living;


UNUM as a gesture,

breath and taste of a true story to tell, which arises,

passionate and suffered,from the depths,

from that scent of a life lived and not invented.


UNUM like crying,

like happiness, that cannot transcend life, because life is our story.


UNUM has an history and tells it through our experiences,

making of Art and Freedom the authentic reasonsfor living.


UNUM is nobility of nomadism,

against the flattening of Art and Life is a crazy and valuable journey to arts

and experiences that affect the soul,

wounding and perfuming it of novelty, covering it with a garment without codes, tormenting it of Infinity.


UNUM is fabric soaked in gold, perfumed with colors,

a dense taste with closed eyes, olfactory Painting of the ego,

Music that builds fragrances of images, Architecture of the Spirit.


UNUM is Art.

And art does not feel borders, closures or censorship.


Precisely because of its uniqueness, Art is a universal language.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items